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Cébé Icone X Superdry Ski Goggles


The ICONE is part of the Cébé Magnetic Family and is characterized by its magnetic removable spherical lens. Extremely adaptable with its 2 interchangeable ventilated lenses category 1 or category 3, this design ensures optimum vision whatever the weather conditions.

Lenses - Rosin Matte

  • Grey Black Ultra 
  • The grey base provides the true colour perception and thus comfort for the eyes. It is great for sunny to to bright light conditions
  • PC/AC VLT 10%
  • Cat 3

White Shiny

  • Dark Rose Flash Gold
  • More versatile, the rose base increases contrast while maintaining true colour balance in medium to bright conditions
  • Due to its ability to reflect extremely bright light, rather than absorb it, the gold mirror offers a darker field of vision with high contrast and reduces the amount of light that can enter the eyes to reduce eye strain
  • PC/AC VLT 14%
  • Cat 3

Both Goggles - Spare Lens

  • Amber Flash Mirror
  • Perfect for cloudy or foggy conditions, the amber base dramatically improves contrasts to offer good optical clarity
  • The silver mirror surface gives a trendy and discreet look while providing sharper vision with less glare and reduces eye fatigue 
  • PC/AC VLT 48%
  • Cat 1