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Marker Phoenix Otis Ski Helmet (Size M)

Marker Phoenix Otis Ski Helmet (Size M)

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The superlative combination of performance and protection. PHOENIX OTIS with the new MAP technology is the flagship of the MARKER program and sets a new market benchmark. Building on the many overall benefits of the AMPIRE, the PHOENIX OTIS also boasts the unique, jumbo-sized MAP PROTECTION PADS. These cushy-soft shock absorbers are composed of temperature-insensitive special foam; positioned at the critical areas of the back of the head, forehead and temples and protect up to 22% more effectively compared with regular EPS helmets. MARKER is the only helmet maker to implement this innovative material, which regains its initial form lightning fast after impact to guard against any further impacts that might occur. Yet the MAP PADS also make it more comfortable to wear, since they automatically adjust to the shape of the head and prevent pressure points from forming. Strap on the PHOENIX OTIS and you have a top helmet for the steepest and most jaw-dropping backcountry lines you can find!

Size M - 55-59cm


- ABS SHELL: helps ensure the best possible distribution of force in the event of an impact.
- EPS CORE: Lightweight high impact damping material for maximum shock absorption.
- IN-MOLD: Optimal coverage does lightweight in-mold shell under head because it encloses perfectly the back of the head.
- Ultra lightweight
- Multi-impact absorption
- High-tech protective material help to absorb impacts much more effectively than other materials
- Highly temperature independent
- Located at high-risk spots to provide increased impact absorbtion
- MAP: The completely new MARKER MAP (Multi-Impact Adaptive Polymer) technology isbeing used for the first time in ski and boardhelmets to provide increased protection tothese particular at-risk areas. This high-techprotective material helps absorb impactsmuch more effectively than other materialsand is highly temperature independent. Thetechnology even shields against multiple blowsin an extremely brief period, as MAP foamregains its original volume and shape within anextremely short span.The new MARKER OTIS helmets featureextra-large MAP PROTECTION PADS locatedat high-risk spots to provide increased impactabsorption. Skiers can take confidence in theprotection of these products and comfort intheir exceptional fit that caresses the contoursof the head.