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Name That Tune - Hike and Ride Ski Servicing

Posted by Jennifer Ashton on
Name That Tune - Hike and Ride Ski Servicing

Have you every had that AH HA moment when driving your car, you clean your windscreen and all of a sudden YOU CAN SEE!!!

It’s not like you couldn’t see before, it just kind of got mucky over a period of time and it happened incrementally, you adapted, perhaps strained a bit to look out, but once it’s clean you realise what a difference it makes!!! Now driving is way more enjoyable - Its very similar to skiing!!!

One of the very simplest and best things you can do to improve your skiing is make sure your skis are tuned and ready for use. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Like driving you car with skis that loose their tune and wax – you adapt, strain a bit, compensate and make do with what you can. But as soon as your skis are sharp and waxed it can bring a renewed sense of confidence in you abilities and equipment.

Here at Hike and Ride, we can accommodate a wide range of ski tuning to make sure that your skis or snowboard are in tip top shape.

Each ski or board is hand tuned on both base and side edges, P-tex is used to fill in scratches and damage – then it is all hot waxed, scrape, brushed and polished.

Because all our work done by hand – there are some limits to what be done if there is significant damage; and if it is something that we cannot handle – we’ll let you know.

But if you looking to get the best out of your equipment, then consider getting in touch and lets see what we can do to help! Now is a great time to think about a Summer Service Wax, protecting your bases and edges from oxidising while stored. 
Just look at what we did to these skis.... talk about saving them... 

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