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Boot Fit Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

Hike and Ride Comfort Fit Guarantee


At Hike and Ride, we’re committed to finding the correct boots for your skiing ability and foot shape. We aim to get the fit right first time, but with each foot having 26 bones and 33 joints moving in several planes of motion, sometimes this can be a little tricky.

What’s covered in the process

Boots fitted by appointment
Boots purchased elsewhere
  • Your choice of Core or Gold package to be used with your boots, but like all other appointments by agreeing to an appointment, you agree to the core package as standard. 
  • Basic modifications free of charge with insole purchase
  • Unlimited modifications charged at £115 for the call out and first hour of modifications without insole purchase, chargeable at £25 per half hour after first hour (modifications include to both the liner and shell)
  • Comfort fit guarantee not included, nor any buy back options 

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid only for boots purchased face to face with guidance from our expert boot fitters. Online purchases, or specific boot requests from customers during a fitting that go against Hike and Ride recommendations are not included. 
  • When boots have been purchased elsewhere, boots can be modified as required by the customer, however any parts, modifications and travel expenses will be covered, in full, by the customer
  • All the included details in the basic, gold and platinum boot packages will be explained to you during your appointment so you can make a well informed decision as to which package suits your needs best.
    By requesting an appointment that is confirmed and for which Hike and Ride travels to your required destination, you’re appointment will be charged at the core boot package (£115) should you not purchase boots. Should you purchase boots and wish to return them before use, the core package will be taken from your overall purchase price. In such instances any insoles made for you personally will be excluded from the refund price. 
  • The internet can't fit your boots! We offer competitive prices on ski boots online when the season has ended, but believe the knowledge it takes to fit these boots is still an investment for you. We spend on average 2 hours with you fitting your ski boots and for that reason, any boots that are on sale by £40 or more will incur a £20 fitting charge. That way, you'll have great fitting boots and still have picked up a sale bargain!
  • Your guarantee is valid, in full (as mentioned above), for 12 months from date of purchase. After such time we will happily refit your boots as per our standard fitting charges. 
  • A foundation is key to a good build- ski boots included. If you brought a set of boots without a set of foot beds, with pre-molded/generic foot beds or with an old pair transferred from another set of boots, we reserve the right to request you to add custom foot beds, built by Hike and Ride into your boots. These are charged at RRP. In these instances, we will refund the cost to you of any generic foot beds purchased through us. Please drop us an email at info@hikeandride.co.uk if you would like further clarification on this.
  • You must allow us adequate chance to reassess and refit your boots should any problems arise in your boots.
  • The boots in question must not be unreasonably worn or damaged and only have been used for their intended purpose- boots that have been heavily skied in before requesting a modification or refund (you will notice within a few days of skiing should a problem arise) or boots that have been damaged through no fault of Hike and Ride or altered (by an individual not employed by Hike and Ride) beyond any resale will no longer be covered by the Comfort Guarantee. Ie, boots should be in a resalable condition upon return.
  • A usage charge on boots will be taken off the initial purchase price should you wish to return your boots and you are adamant we can not find you a suitable replacement boot. These rates are set out depending on what package you opt for in your initial fitting- Core, Gold or Platinum. Foot beds are made to fit the individual, in these instances Hike and Ride do not take this product back as it can be used in any new set of ski or snowboard boots. 
  • Where a customer requires adjustments or modifications to products purchased elsewhere, our initial call out charge is £115 subject to any other purchases. Congestion charge, parking and travel costs from your initial fitting are not refundable and chargeable on any return trips. 
    Appointments for refits need to be booked in advance, as with any other appointment
  • If new boots are provided after refitting, an extended guarantee time of 12 months will begin from this date (if less than 12 months remain on your current guarantee)  
  • Boot fit guarantee terms are subject to change with a current version always available here online.  
  • This guarantee does not in any way affect your statutory rights