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CAMPSIE Candles Wax Melt Bundle of Six


All Campsie melts are hand poured using high-quality eco wax to achieve a long, clean and even burn. Requires a wax melt burner to use.

Signature Snaps

Linen Fresh | Rhubarb & Plum | Sandalwood Vanilla | Relaxing Lavender | The Seychelles | Sweet Autumn

Botanical Bars

Relaxing Lavender | The Seychelles Beach | Sweet Autumn | Apple Crumble | Sandalwood Vanilla | Rhubarb & Plum

Autumn & Winter Bundle

Pumpkin Spice | Sweet Autumn | Toffee Apple | Mulled Wine | Gingerbread | Apple Crumble

*Subject to seasonal availability. 


Size: 6x60g

Burn Time: 1-2 squares of each snap bar last for around 12 hours (or 3x 4hr burns), that means each snap bar will give up to 60 hours of scent.

Care: Once the scent has been released and you can no long smell anything you should change the block for a fresh one. Wax is easiest to remove when in liquid form.