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DataWax Waxing Irons


Waxing Iron 2200 

An excellent iron with a thick structured sole plate which is perfect for spreading the wax evenly.

Superb temperature control from 50 to 160 degrees.

Comes complete with its own stand to help keep wax where it should be (not on the floor!).

Ideal for all types of wax.

This Iron is supplied with a UK plug converter meaning it works in both the EU and UK.


T50C Iron

Lightweight, compact iron heats up quickly to deliver a working temperature range of 100°C to 180°C.

The ergonomic chassis enables waxing in a variety of orientations and has a pressure-cast aluminium base.

Thick base retains heat, minimising temperature fluctuation, added dimples allow the iron to move easily over your base.

Precise thermostat ensures correct base plate temperature.

Light indicates when iron is at desired temperature.

2.5m (6’) Powercord

EU or UK plug adaptions available