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Nordica Unlimited 130 DYN Ski Boots


Whether your adventures revolve around charging hard at the resort, all-day tours, or dawn patrols with friends, Nordica’s Unlimited 130 DYN shares your passion. Bred to provide exceptional performance on both the approach and the descent, it sets a new standard in all-mountain touring boots. Instead of classical bales, it showcases a streamlined wire closure system that cradles your foot to offer a precise fit that maximizes comfort and control. And when it’s time to hike, skin, or just loosen up your boots, you can simply undo the quick-release power strap and flip the toe buckle to release the closure system for greater comfort and mobility. A sophisticated cuff uses a softer plastic to securely wrap your foot and a super stiff spine boosts the transmission of energy for greater response and confidence. To further enhance comfort and efficiency, the Unlimited 130 DYN features a ski-walk mechanism that offers a remarkable range of motion of 65 degrees. And to better meet your needs and increase control, you can readily adjust the boot’s forward lean. Rooted in comfort and outstanding performance on the descent, the boot’s 3D Corkfit PrimaLoft Light liner hugs the contours of your foot and is thermomoldable for a truly custom fit. For tremendous versatility, the boot’s sole features DYN inserts and is compatible with GripWalk binding systems. And thanks to its screw-on design, the sole can readily be replaced to maximize the boot’s longevity. Live life to the fullest with Nordica’s Unlimited 130 DYN.

Last: 99
Flex: 130
Volume: MEDIUM
WEIGHT: 1.68 kg
Size Range: (22.5 - 30.5)
Soles: Gripwalk PU + soles Dynafit® inserts
Shell: PU
Cuff: Trimat Triax
Liner: 3D Cork Fit Primaloft® Light
Buckles: 2 Micro Mg Lt;Wire System Closure