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Phizz Multivitamin Hydration Tablets 2-in-1 (Tube of 10)


Phizz’s science-backed formula helps you stay hydrated while delivering 19 vitamins & minerals that provide natural energy & support immune system & brain function, recovery & wellness. Our all-star lineup includes 375% of your daily dose of Vitamin C (equivalent of 3 oranges). It also packs a self-care punch with zinc & other powerful antioxidants. 

  • Natural Orange or Apple & Blackcurrant Flavour
  • Informed Sport Tested 
  • Low Calorie
  • Vegan

Phizz rapidly hydrates up to 3x more than just water alone. Phizz also replenishes electrolytes and an alphabet of vitamins & antioxidants for energy, health and wellbeing.

For each tube of Phizz sold, approximately 6 times its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering our oceans, that's 1 million plastic bottles per year! Phizz tubes are recyclable