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Rehband RX Kinesiology Tape


Enjoy premium quality comfort, fit, and support – Rehband RX Tape is made from premium quality fabric that is water-resistant, plus zinc and latex free. Engineered to offer an optimal combination of comfort, fit, and support. This kinesiology sports tape from Rehband offers up to 10 applications per roll, and can stretch up to 50% more than its original state. An essential item of workout gear, this tape helps lift the skin to enhance muscle proprioception, and so boost your performance. Use for weightlifting, running, tennis, soccer, swimming, cheerleading, and more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Use on shin, calf, Achilles tendon, knee, thigh, lower back, neck, elbow, shoulder, rotator cuff, and epicondylitis injuries
  • Intended for normalizing or treating musculoskeletal disorders or for improving certain musculoskeletal conditions


  • Apply on clean, dry skin
  • Make sure that the joint is in a fully bent position — if the tape is applied when the joint is extended, it will come off when fully bent
  • See full instructions on packaging
  • Use within one year of opening

Product Details:

  • Code:R-1800
  • Brand:Rehband
  • Colours:Available in Blue & Beige
  • Dimensions:5cm (W) x 500cm (L)
  • Weight:10g
  • Material:100% cotton, acrylic glue
  • Features:Waterproof, can be worn up to 6 days