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ROXA Men’s R/Fit Hike 110 Ski Boots 2023/24

ROXA Men’s R/Fit Hike 110 Ski Boots 2023/24


The R/FIT HIKE 110 is geared for high performance All Mountain/Adventure skiers. Hybrid overlap design incorporates a sturdy and precise Ski/Hike cuff lock for supreme versatility.

ARCHITECTURE: Overlap – 2 piece
CUFF: Ski/Hike
SOLE: Gripwalk
BINDING SYSTEM: Alpine/ GripWalk
LAST: 102 -104 mm Biofit CM
SIZES: 24.5 – 32.5

NEXT GEN DESIGN - New 2-piece ultralight overlap design provides power and precision.Use of advanced CAD Design technology, 3D Printed prototyping, power the evolution of the tratitional “overlap” ski boot.

EASY SKI-HIKE CUFF - hike mechanism allows for easy realease of the upper cuff.

BIOFIT - offers the ability as qualified boot fitters to mould the shell for customisation 

ULTRALON FOAM - Ultralon developed a high quality foam renowned for its superior thermoforming ability, high level of insulation and excellent durability

ADJUSTABLE CUFF - Calf Adapt Cuff easily adjust to increase boot top circumference by 1.5cm 

GRIP WALK - High profiled, slip-resistant sole. Increases walking comfort and improves natural roll thanks to curved rubber soles (be sure to check it’s compatible with your current bindings)

U75 LINER- The U75 All Mountain liner was designed to shine in all phases of hiking and skiing in any type of conditions. The plastic cuff and tongue reinforcements, together with the possibility of heat-molding 75% this liner (ankle/heel and tongue), ensures the best performance, fit and comfort. The back flex allows a better flexion of the boot while striding.